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SVQ Level 4

Learning and Development

This Learning and Development SVQ is suitable for people working within training or learning development roles in the hospitality industry, working with individuals or groups of learners. This award requires candidates to demonstrate competence in developing, planning, designing and delivery of training and learning programmes, and assessment and evaluation skills in learning and development contexts.


Level 4 is suitable for trainers, facilitators, mentors, tutors, coaches, instructors or anyone with a training responsibility in addition to their main job.

Level 4 candidates are expected to have responsibility for planning, delivering and evaluating training.


Entry is at the discretion of the assessment centre. As these are work-based qualifications, candidates must be working in a training role to ensure they are able to generate the required work-based evidence. 

Learning and Development SCQF Level 8

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Hospitality Management Skills

This Scottish Technical Apprenticeship in Hospitality Management Skills can help to address any skills gaps. It offers an important route for the sector and provides an individual with the relevant skills and knowledge whilst gaining experience on the job. It offers an alternative route to more traditional forms of education. The learning content can be flexible to suit the individual and the employer. It can provide the springboard to a long-term career, encouraging apprentices to stay and progress in the industry of their choice.

The Hospitality Management Skills Technical Apprenticeship will contribute to increasing productivity and performance by ensuring that individuals have the management skills, knowledge and experience needed to provide a flexible management progression route at SCQF Level 8. This would assist in attracting and retain people in the hospitality industry from a diverse range of groups. Providing small businesses with access to a high-quality management training programme will help businesses remain profitable and contribute towards professionalising the industry. It will also help by providing career progression to senior management roles with further and higher education.

Hospitality Management Skills SCQF Level 8

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